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Ekskursija – Rīgas Lielie kapi 27654920_571233649908735_608741616799850973_n

Date: May 19, 2018

Time: 11 AM – 13.30 PM

Location: Rīgas Sv. Jēkaba kapella

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Riga’s Great Cemetery, also known as the Latvian Pantheon, is truly an unrepeatable place, and its enjoyment will appeal to everyone who craves to have fun in talking about prominent personalities and past events.

Riga’s Great Cemetery was created in 1773 and then, over the next two centuries, gradually expanded southwest. This is the last place of rest for historians, noblemen, as well as ordinary people, whose unusual works made them legends. The green and peaceful, old-fashioned island, in the middle of the noisy city, offers the finest details of the graves, monumental chapels, and masterfully destroyed tombstones.

We invite you to join the tour and scroll through the last couple of centuries history pages together.

Guided tour in Latvian.
Meeting place – near the Chapel of James, near Miera Street.

Price: 7 EUR per person

Please register here: https://www.bezrindas.lv/lv/ekskursija-rigas-lielie-kapi/3530/

Places are limited.
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Mangaļsala Bunkers Safari – in English29792364_603355540029879_6636071492173369191_n

Date: May 20, 2018

Time: 10.30 AM – 3.30 PM

Location: Mangaļsalas Mežs

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E-mail: trips@hieroglifs.com
Tel: +371 27723615
Web: https://tourinlatvia.com/
Price: 7 EUR
Get your ticket here: http://www.bezrindas.lv/lv/mangalsalas-bunkuru-safari/4505/Bunkers, warehouses, cannon batteries, torpedoes and other military objects from the times of Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, 1920s Latvia, Russian Empire and even Swedish times – the treasures of the fortification line in Mangaļsala can surprise anyone. Back in the day, the firepower at the mouth of river Daugava was so impressive that nobody dared to take Riga from the sea. Today, much of this impressive line of defense has survived and is visible in dunes and the adjoining forest. During the tour you will be able to get acquainted with these and other remnants of the times gone by, their functions and history. Discover the forgotten world here in Riga!Duration is 4 hours.
in Latvian – 10th June.
In English – 20th May.Price – 7 euros.Meeting point: Bus stop of the 24th bus “Stāvvadu iela”.

If you start out from the bus stops on Merķeļa Street, it takes 55 minutes to get to the said starting point.

Ekskursija – Mārupes noslēpumi

Date: May 27, 201829793728_603361756695924_5138981950329313318_n

Time: 10.30 AM- 3.30 PM

Location: Mārupe Municipality

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E-mail: trips@hieroglifs.com
Phone: +37127723615

Marupi can be called the cradle of the Soviet military heritage. Strategically important objects were located not only in the border area or in the middle of nowhere away from curious eyes, but sometimes also in the neighborhood. Communication bunker, Airport Riga, Skultes village – all these and other objects were created during the Soviet times, bearing in mind the needs of the military. We offer you to take a look at this new history and go to Marupi, discovering interesting and less known places, objects and their life stories right here on the outskirts of Riga.

The tour is a tour in Latvian. The length of the route is 12 km and the approximate duration is 5 hours. The hike ends in Skulte.

Price: 7 euros per person.

Meeting point: Bus stop “Marupe” on route 25.

Please register here: http://www.bezrindas.lv/lv/ekskursija-marupes-noslepumi/4444/

It is also possible to pay cash on the spot at the Hieroglyph office – Gertrudes street 33/35

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Riga Forest Cemetery Tour / Ekskursija Rīgas Meža kapos

Date: June 3, 2018 cemet

Time: 11 AM-13.30PM

Location: Aizsaules iela 2, Rīga, LV-1026, Latvija

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Visiting the Forest Cemetery of Riga is like leafing through a book where every page offers a fresh story with new characters. Sometimes the story is more like a comedy, sometimes a drama, but it is always interesting.

The Forest Cemetery was established in 1913 and took up the baton from the Great Cemetery of Riga as the main and the most prestigious final resting place in Riga. With time it grew to be the largest cemetery in Latvia, and the list of prominent people buried there does not seem to have an end. This is the last destination of presidents, ministers, generals, scandalous and controversial personalities, eccentric artists and victims of great tragedies. Thus the cemetery also offers a large amount of monuments in good condition several hundreds of which possess real artistic value.

We invite you to join the tour and meet the people who shaped an entire century for Latvia.

Guided tour in English and in Latvian.

Price: 7 EUR per person.
It is possible to pay in cash at our office.
Tickets here: http://www.bezrindas.lv/lv/ekskursija-rigas-meza-kapi/3536/29951
Meeting point at the entrance of Riga 1.Forest Cemetery, Aizsaules iela 2.

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Mangaļsalas bunkuru safari/ Mangaļsala Bunkers Safari

Date: June 10, 2018 29792364_603355540029879_6636071492173369191_n

Time: 10.30 AM-2.30 PM

Location:  Mangaļsalas Mežs

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E-mail: trips@hieroglifs.com
Phone: +371 27723615
Web: https://tourinlatvia.com/
Price: EUR 7 per person
Register here: http://www.bezrindas.lv/lv/mangalsalas-bunkuru-safari/4505/

June 10 – in Latvian
May 20th – in English

Bunkers, warehouses, cannon batteries, torpedoes and other military objects from the Soviet, German occupation, the Free State of Latvia, the Tsar and even the Swedish times – the wealth of the fortress fortress in Mangalsala can surprise anyone. The armor of the Daugava River was so impressive at that time that nobody dared to take Riga from the sea. Today, much of this impressive line of defense has survived and is visible in the dunes and in the adjoining forest between the high trees. During the excursion you will be able to get acquainted with this and other structures, functions and history of the Mangalsala coastal fortification. Discover an unseen world here in Riga!

Excursion / hiking is in Latvian, duration 4 hours.

Price: EUR 7 per person

Meeting point: 24th bus stop “Stāvvatu iela”.

The 24th bus ride (going from Central Station or Merkel Street stop) takes 55 minutes.

The car enters the car on the parking lot of Mangaļsalas Street and the Stāvvu street intersection, and there is also the Bus Station.
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Ekskursija pa Rīgas Centrāltirgu

Date: June 17, 2018   29791837_599858577046242_3623362956388625803_n

Time: 11 AM – 2 PM

Location: Stacijas laukums, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvija

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E-pasts: trips@hieroglifs.com
Cena: 12 EUR par cilvēku
Reģistrējieties šeit: https://www.bezrindas.lv/en/excursion-to-riga-central-market/3451/26353

Pievienojieties mūsu ekskursijai pa Rīgas Centrāltirgu!

Liekas, ka mūsdienās visi zina, ka Centrāltirgus angārus sākotnēji izmantoja nevis gaļas vai zivju produktu pārdošanai, bet gan kā dirižabļu angārus.

Taču ekskursijas gaitā mēs uzzināsim arī daudz ko maz zināmu un vēstures lappušu apslēptu, piemēram, par Staļina viesošanos Piena paviljonā, Centrāltirgus priekšteča un pazemes tuneļu kriminālo pagātni, skaistumkonkursu, kurš lika iejaukties policijai un daudz ko citu.

Tāpat ieskatīsimies Centrāltirgus pazemes pilsētiņā un apmeklēsim veco dzelzceļa staciju uz gaļas paviljona jumta.


Jūs varat samaksāt par ekskursiju arī skaidrā naudā uz vietas mūsu birojā.

Ekskursija ir pieejama angļu un latviešu valodā.

LV valodā – 11:00
EN valodā – 14:00

Tikšanās vieta – pie Centrālās stacijas pulksteņa.


эл. почта: trips@hieroglifs.com
Цена:: 12 EUR
Регистрация здесь: https://www.bezrindas.lv/en/music-events/excursion-to-riga-central-market

Латышский рынок и его тайны

Приглашаем вас присоединиться к экскурсии по Рижскому центральному рынку (Centrāltirgus)!

В настоящее время, кажется, все знают, что ангары Рижского центрального рынка были сооружены для стоянки дирижаблей, а не для хранения мяса или рыбы.

Однако во время этого тура мы узнаем много нового: причину, по которой Молочный павильон называется «Сталинским»; заглянем в темные уголки подвала Рижского центрального рынка, пройдем через его центральный коридор, который имеет длину 337 метров, и увидим огромный старый компрессор, который был впервые установлен в 1930-е годы и проработал до 1986 г.

Мы также осмотрим бывшую железнодорожную станцию Центрального рынка, расположенную на его крыше.


Вы также можете заплатить за тур наличными у нас в офисе.

Экскурсия проводится на английском и на латышском языках.

LV – 11:00
EN – 14:00

Встречаемся у башенных часов Центрального вокзала, а затем все вместе отправимся на экскурсию.

Email: trips@hieroglifs.com
Web: https://ghosttownskrunda.com/
Price: 12 EUR per person
Register here: https://www.bezrindas.lv/en/music-events/excursion-to-riga-central-market

We invite you to join us for a tour of Riga’s Centrāltirgus!

It seems that nowadays everyone knows that the pavillions of Riga’s Centrāltirgus were built to store airships, not meat or fish.

However during this tour we will learn little know stories about the Central Market, take a look into the dark corners of its underground city, walk its 337-metre-long central corridor and see the old giant compressor, first installed in the 1930s, which ran until 1986. We will also see the former railway station of the Central Market, located on the roof.


You can also pay for the tour in cash at our office.

The excursion is available in English and Latvian.

Let us meet at the Central Station clock to go together to the Central Market.

Kid Friendly

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