Central Market 

The Handyman of the Central Market

In 1942 Riga, the stares were often attracted by an unusual vehicle with tracks, pulling a several times larger cart behind. Its owner – Voldemārs Rozenbergs, the machine-engineer of the Central Market compressor room. He always wanted to invent a vehicle as powerful as a locomotive, but lighter and more manoeuvrable.

This idea began to materialize after the German invasion of the Soviet Union and the retreat of the Red Army when Voldemārs picked up a light tank abandoned next to the Central Market pavilions. The tank was already stripped of its engine and weapons but with good tracks still on. This served as the basis of Voldemārs’ dream vehicle. He took an unpaid leave, went to work, and soon, adding an engine from a truck destroyed on Jelgava highway and a gas generator furnace from a ditch near Olaine, working days and nights for a month and a half, the new vehicle was finally ready. It could develop speed up to 40 km/h and easily pull a thresher or a cart with a 3-3.5 tonnes of cargo.

In autumn, this machine was used by all the farmers in parishes of Olaine and Pēternieki to work their fields. But on a daily basis Rozenbergs used it to deliver peat to the furnaces of the Central Market.

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