Skrunda 1 

300-million dollar Hollywood movie Justice League

Soviet ghost town Skrunda-1 stars in 300-million dollar Hollywood movie Justice League! Latvia gets famous with Skrunda-1, isn’t this amazing? Skrunda-1 is going to be a military town where the army will have the trainings and will be closed for the public. Have you been in Skrunda-1 yourself? It is hard to find information about Skrunda-1 but we have interviewed people who have lived there as well as gathered information from various sources to be able to let you explore the city. During the Soviet times Skrunda-1 has been a…

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Riga Forest Cemetery 

Riga 1st Hospital surgeon Jānis Jēgermanis

Riga 1st Hospital surgeon Jānis Jēgermanis was well-known for his ability to solve non-standard situations. He once saved a young man who had put a ring on his penis that he could not pull off anymore. The bone saw did not work, but a hammer and anvil did. In the Forest Cemetry with his wife Anna Ūdre.

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Abandoned places 


The Barnes Hospital, also called Manchester Convalescent Home, is a former hospital, built by Manchester Royal Infirmary in 1875 in the rural area of the periphery of the city, with the intent to stay away from the industrial smog. It is now surrounded by big highways. The name of the hospital is due to a big donation from Robert Barnes who wanted a new hospital in the area of Cheadle. During the construction works, three high stone crosses were found, but today we know the location of just one: a…

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