Central Market 

A murder in the Central Market

Stories can take drammatical and even unbelievable turns when hijacked by market women. Sometimes it is just innocent rumours, sometimes it turns tragicomical… So it happened in 1938 when a women from the Central Market, Anna Beņķe, met one of her many acquaintances on the street and inquired about the recent events of his life.
This is how this story went down: the man kindly informed her that on Sunday he was to attend a funeral of the wife of Jūlijs Puzuns. So Anna told these news to a friend of her. So far so good, nothing out of the ordinary. Unfortunately this fried had A LOT of other friends at the Central Market, and the story travelling from mouth to mouth suddenly got an unexpected turn – now the wife was said to be murdered and the funeral allegedly held as normal in order to hide this horrible secret! Of course, any law-abiding citizen such as Matrjona Lisis (one of the women at the market) could not keep this crime unpunished, rushed to the police and informed them of this terrible injustice! Police immediately jumped into action and turned the heaven and earth around to correct this mistake. Well, just earth – they ordered the corpse of the wife to be exhumed and sent to the forensics. Of course the forensic experts concluded that the wife had died of natural causes and no crime was present. In the end the husband sued the police and couple of other people including Matrjona. What happened next? Well, Matrjona got 7 days jail time and 10 lats to pay for the exhumation and re-burial of the corpse… And all this fuss for simply being socially active.

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