Parnitha is a mountain located on the north of Athens, with a total area of about 300 square kilometers. In 1914 the Holy Monastery Asomaton-Petrakis offers this area to the Euaggelismos hospital to create a nursing asylum for tuberculosis patients. The area was quite remote from the urban center and the mountain climate is considered ideal for those patients. The sanatorium, worked for over 30 years hospitalizing hundreds of patients. Many of them never managed to leave the institution alive.


The Sanatorium hosted many Athenian tuberculosis patients and dozens of people from cities of Greece with many of them arriving and camping outside the premises of the building for not being able to pay the hospitalization that was 300-480 drachmas per month (today is approximately 0.88-1.41 euros). In the years 1929-1938, it is estimated that in Greece almost 100.000 people died from tuberculosis. Hunger and hardship that came with the war with Turkey and the WWII that followed, caused the spread of the disease. Although the information on medical statistics of the era are not so many, there are reports that between 1941 and 1943, 18.000 tuberculosis patients, only from Athens and Piraeus, lose the battle with the disease.


The sanatorium declined after 1950 with the discovery of penicillin and in 1965 the sanatorium facilities passed to the property of EOT (National Organization of Tourism) for 6.500.000 drachmas (approximately 20.000 euros). The building was converted into a hotel under the name “XENIA” but the layout wasn’t appropriate for a hotel so in 1967 it was converted to a school for jobs in tourism and continue operate until 1985, when it was abandoned. Since then have been born tens of urban legends for the Sanatorium of Parnitha while the building remains a landmark for lovers of the paranormal. One of those myths is the girl with the white clothes or the Kyra’s girl, it is saying that she was an inmate of the sanatorium and that because of the disease she wasn’t able to even drink a drop of water, she asked to go to a source nearby to just see it. And that is what they did, they went with her to the Kyra, but reaching there the girl died. Since then, many people reported seeing a little girl in a white nightgown, sometimes asking them for water or running up and down the halls with tears.

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Today, if you enter the place, you will see ruined walls, torn carpeting, dissolved wooden floors, graffiti and a few scattered chairs composing the scene of abandonment. Furthermore, the lack of artificial light makes the light of day the only good time to walk inside the building without find yourself fall in a trap in one of the many holes that the floor has. However, if you let your mind travel and imagine what happened here several decades ago, it is likely that you will be scared!

It’s not easy after all to walk in places in which thousands of people have suffered and died…

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