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Plokstines Missile Base – threat to the Europe

The Soviet missile base in Lithuania was a big threat to the Western Europe during the Cold War. It was able to destroy any city in Europe. From 1963 to 1978, 4 mid-range ballistic missiles SS-4 equipped with 2 megatons of thermonuclear power were located at Plokstine’s base in Lithuania. In comparison, the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima was ready just for 13-16 kilotons.


The base was built at Ploksciai village, next to Plateliai Lake. This location was chosen because of the perfect surrounding of lakes and forests, which made hard to locate a secret base. Infrastructure was changed according to the needs of the base.

Plokstine Missile Base.jpg
Plokstine Missile Base

The whole compound was completed in 2 years (1960 – 1962). More than 10,000 soldiers worked on the necessary facilities during its construction, most of them from Estonia. During the construction period all the people who lived nearby were evicted. The whole base was under rigorous security conditions and had 6 different security lines around it.

Entrance to the Bunker.jpg
Entrance to the bunker

A missile launched from the base was able to reach any destination within 2,000 kilometres range. For the most of the time the missiles were pointed towards Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey and West Germany.

Lay-Figure 2.jpg
Lay-figure 2

The base was closed in 1978 when the US intelligence learned about its location. All the missiles were brought back to Russia. After that the base was left abandoned.


In 2012 it was opened for the tourists and since then anyone can come to the base and see by themselves the destructive power the Soviet Union was ready to launch against the Western Europe. The tour gives you a chance to feel real Soviet Union atmosphere and see how tons of money were spent to create an underground base. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit this place and have only the best to say afterwards.

Plokstine Missile Base 2.jpg
Plokstine Missile Base 2


Soviet Propaganda.jpg
Soviet Propaganda


Lay-figure 3.jpg
Lay-figure 3
Soviet Guns.jpg
Soviet Guns
Plokstine Museum.jpg
Plokstine Missile Base Landscape.jpg
Plokstine Missile Base Landscape
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