Abandoned places 


Pyramiden is an old Soviet coal mining town located on the island of Spitzbergen in the Svalbard archipelago that belongs to Norway. The town was abandoned in 1998 when everybody was evacuated overnight.   The town was founded by Sweden, but in 1927 it was bought by the Soviet Union and it remained Soviet for the whole period of the Cold War. Formerly on the Norwegian soil, it was an independent Soviet settlement managed by a Soviet State company Arktikugol. How did it happen that a Soviet town got under…

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What others write! 

Irbene Radio Telescopes

As the Cold War between US and USSR entered above Space, the need for Space espionage made Soviets to design ways to track and decode signals from US satellites.   The project begun in 1967 when the remote areas of the Ventspils district was allocated to secret buildup of object codenamed “Starlet”. The location was chosen because of dense low populated forest areas of Slītere that also was part of the Soviet border zone – so that no stranger could not ever discover this object. Continue reading: https://latvianhistory.com/2013/03/05/the-irbene-radio-telescopes/

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