Great Kemeri Bog 

Anaconda of the Great Ķemeri Bog

Sometimes it amazes how little we know about the place we live in. A great discovery for quite a few people would be the fact that even Latvia has its own constrictor – a snake that strangles its pray to death. Yes, we do have one too. Our “anaconda” is probably not that big and is not harmful to people, but still a predator. Known as the smooth s nake or Coronella austriaca it is actually not limited only to the territory of Latvia but is to be found as…

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No photos!

One thing is clear: Soviet military sites was not a free space to roam around let alone take photos. Especially Soviet missile bases was the top secret area and people with even the slightest stains in the history like tendency for fist fights or drinking or any kind of other excessive or non-exemplary behaviour were never selected. This was the most serious post you could ever get – to deal with the nuclear missiles. Of course no talking around was tolerated either, and you could get KGB knocking on your…

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Skrunda 1 

Where did they go?

After the remaining radars of Skrunda-1 were shut down in the autumn of 1998, it took about a year for the military to dismantle them and take back to Russia. Majority of the residents of Skrunda-1 followed suit. These people can be divided in two groups. Part of the officers were lucky enough to get jobs in similar military towns all over Russia where they kept working on and around early warning radar installations. The most popular destinations were Solnechnogorsk just 60 km outside Moscow and Serpukhov-15 – about twice as far…

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