Skrunda 1 

The Last Lenin alive

Once there stood a Lenin. Once there stood hordes of Lenins all over the Soviet Union. Latvia was no exception to the rule for every city and town was supposed to have one. And they did. The design did not wary much though. Lenin was always neatly dressed rocking a waistcoat, a tie and a jacket; some statues had a light coat too. The only Lenin with a winter coat and a fur hat was to be found in Daugavpils. Coincidence or not, but the second largest city of Latvia really does hold several records of the lowest temperature in winter. Interesting that even the Lenin’s bust in Antarctica (yes, true revolutionaries do not fear the distance) does not wear any winter clothing…LENIN

Most of the statues had a full body, but some had nothing else but the head like the one in Zeltiņi (formerly Alūksne), Valka, Jēkabpils and Limbaži (by the way, in Las Vegas you can find a Lenin’s statue that is complete opposite to this trend – the statue has everything else but the head). Most often Lenin was depicted standing because, well, you cannot lead the human race to the bright future while sitting. “Just keep going in that direction, I will follow in a minute” approach would not work. However there were couple of sitting Lenins here too – one in Bauska and the other in Ludza.

And then the wind of change came. While the rest of the country went its own way and slowly got rid of all the monuments, Skrunda-1 had a different story. The town remained an isolated island due to the presence of the still functioning radars and the ever-present Russian military making their statue the last standing Lenin in Latvia. However also the story of this lone wolf came to an end. Shortly before leaving the town, the military administration of Skrunda-1 gave the monument away as a gift to a local collection where it stands defiant still today.

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