Skrunda 1 

Streets in Skrunda 1

It might seem surprising that there is only one street in Skrunda-1. What is more surprising is the name of this street. For some reason and against all odds it was not named after Lenin although the streets bearing the name of the great revolutionary ranks third with 5,167 cases throughout Russia alone. It was not much different in the rest of countries of the former Soviet Union. He is number one in Ukraine and highly prominent in other countries too. The street names lik

Skrunda 1 ielu nosaukumi

e Soviet, October’s, Gagarin’s, First of May and other Soviet era names were to be found even in the smallest villages. However it was not the case with Skrunda-1. You would expect that a military town would choose a common name from the list above or at least pay tribute to a Red Army general like Marshal Zhukov (a lot of streets named after him too) who became legendary for his success during World War Two and especially the Battle of Berlin. Or at least to commemorate the victory in that war. Not this time. The only street here was given a rather simple and, considering its strategic importance, even humble name – The New Street. Why? No certain answer is available and now we can only guess as the archives of the military sites are always kept well “under the radar”.

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