Soviet Union heritage 

Legendary unguent “Звездочка”

Legendary unguent “Звездочка” – “Star” appeared in Soviet drugstores in 70s. Almost everyone remembers this legend, as it was really efficient, sometimes even irreplaceable and not an expensive product. People tried to treat every illness from flue to rheumatism with this. Surprisingly, the drug indeed helped almost in every case.


At some point, this unguent disappeared. However, the healing properties were so convincing that Russian pharmacists assisted to reintroduce the “Star” back in the market. Only nowadays, we have found out what this legendary unguent presents, what it consists from and how it can be used.

Soviet Union heritage

Originally it was called “Vietnamese star”, and it was produced in Vietnam. The real inventor was a Vietnamese pharmacological company called Danapha Pharmaceutical JSC.

Red packaging with a golden star was the best fit for Soviet reality. Probably this is the reason why the name has never been changed, and now it is as recognizable as coca cola.


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