Individual medical box was introduced as the first aid kit for security forces and civil defence forces in the Soviet Union.  In case of a major military conflict АИ-2 had to be spread among the civilian population.

 The design is flashy-orange plastic box, size 9cm × 10cm × 2cm with a label “Individual medical box” and a cross inside a circle. Inside there are several capsules with drugs and an instruction.

The medical box includes:

  • 2 antibacterial agents
  • 2 radioprotector agents
  • antiemetic agent

Previously, also aprofen was included. Aprofen is an antidote to fight organic phosphorus agents. It has a very strong hallucinogenic side effect known to cause people commit suicide in the worse cases.

The medical box should be kept in a warm place

Aptecka, medical box soviet times

Antipison Soviet union



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